Warm Prairie Winds

Check out this blog about the early days in Lake Como, Texas called “Warm Prairie Winds.” It includes pictures and stories of Church and Reuben Willburn, sons of Edward Church Dyke and Peace (Barnett) Willburn.



J.M. Barnett Confederate Pension

When I was looking at my online tree at Ancestry today I found a copy of James Madison Barnett’s confederate pension. I already have a paper copy from the Texas State Archives, but it’s great to see these useful and interesting sources available online.

Lorena E. (Bourland) Barnett Confusion

There is some confusion as to the death date of Lorena E. Bourland, the wife of Francis A. “Frank” Barnett. A photo of her tombstone found at the Find a Grave website clearly shows her death date as 13 Nov 1912.

A search of Texas Deaths, 1890-1976, online at FamilySearch found the death certificate of Mrs. L.E. Barnett who died in Mitchell Co., Texas in 1912. The death certificate showed that she died of tuberculosis 11 Oct 1912 and was buried 12 Nov 1912 in Benbrook, Texas.

So did they really wait a whole month after her death before they buried her? It appears that one of these dates is in error, but which one? And if she actually died in November instead of October, was it on the 13th as shown on the tombstone or the 12th or earlier as indicated by the death certificate?

Samuel or James? Son of Hiram J. Barnett

Samuel Barnett was born about 1835 in Tennessee, the oldest child of Hiram and Sarah (Webb) Barnett. He is listed in Hiram’s 1850 census household in Hardeman Co., Tennessee as 15 years old, born in Tenn. Hiram’s household (listed as H.J. Barrett) is again found in Hardeman County in the 1860 U.S. census, but Samuel is not listed in the household. A further search of Tennessee marriage records and census records finds no sign of Samuel Barnett. What happened to him, where did he go?

On 24 Oct 1855 in Hardeman County, James Barnett married Narcissa Box. Jas Barnett (age 24, born Ten) and Narcissa Barnett (age 20, born Ten) are listed in Hardeman County in the 1860 U.S. census with two children: Sarah E. Barnett (age 4, born Ten) and Mary J. Barnett (age 2, born Ten). A Box family history stated that Narcissa Box married James S. Barnett (Hardeman County, Tennessee Family History, vol. 2).

Neither Samuel or James Barnett were found in the 1870 U.S. census, but James (age 44, born Tennessee) and Narcissy (age 40, born Tennessee) were listed in Greene Co., Arkansas in the 1880 U.S. census. Included in the household were a daughter, Jane Shelten (age 21, born Tennessee, widowed) and a granddaughter Henry Shelten (age 3, born Arkansas).

S.J. Barnett paid taxes in Greene County in 1877 and 1878 (“Court Records,” Greene County, Arkansas GenWeb, accessed 7 Aug 2012 online at http://www.argenweb.net/greene) and S.J. Barnett was also listed in a reconstructed 1890 census (accessed 7 Aug 2012 online at http://www.argenweb.net/greene).

Samuel J. Barnett (born Oct 1835 in Tennessee, widowed) was listed in the 1900 U.S. census in Greene Co., Arkansas with one grandson: Josiah R. Miller (born Jan 1892 in Arkansas). Mollie Shelton married Jacob M. Miller, 19 Mar 1882 in Greene Co., Arkansas.

No where do Samuel and James Barnett appear in the same records at the same time. These facts taken together seem to point to the conclusion that Samuel Barnett and James Barnett are probably the same person. Samuel James Barnett married Narcissa Box in Hardeman Co., Tennessee in 1855 and had at least two children: Sarah E. and Mary J. Barnett. Mary J. is probably the Jane Shelten in the 1880 census record and the Mollie Shelton who married Jacob M. Miller. Jacob and Mollie (Shelton) Miller may have been the parents of Josiah R. Miller listed in Samuel’s 1900 census household.

James or Jones?

What is the name of the second son of Hiram Barnett? My original information listed him as James W. Barnett, but on closer examination of the 1850 and 1860 census records I have to agree with the indexers and say that his name was Jones W. Barnett. The 1860 census image is faded and a little hard to read. In addition the enumerator’s “a” and “o” look alike. But if you take a close look it looks like the third letter is an “n” not an “m” suggesting that his name was Jones.

Looking at the Hiram Barnett household in the 1850 census however, clearly shows his second son’s name as Jones, not James. This detail is important to help distinguish between Jones and one of his brothers.

Hiram Barnett Update

I was finally successful in finding Hiram Barnett in the 1860 U.S. census. In a line by line search in Hardeman Co., Tennessee, I found the H.J. Barrett household that matches the family of Hiram Barnett. Here’s a summary of what appears on the census:

Barrett, H.J., age 51, M, farmer, personal estate $200, born Ky

Barrett, Sarah H, age 44, F, born Tenn

Barrett, Jones M., age 22, M, farm labor, born Miss

Barrett, Geo W, age 17, M, farm labor, born Tenn

Barrett, Sarah F, age 15, F, born Tenn

Barrett, Elizabeth, age 12, F, born Tenn

Barrett, John N., age 9, M, born Tenn

Barrett, Benjamin M.,age 4, M, born Tenn

Barrett, Evaline, age 1, F, born Tenn

In addition a Public Member Tree (“My Forebears Since Jamestown by meggars55) at Ancestry pointed me in the direction of additional records:

Sarah H. Barnett and some of her children appear in the 1870 U.S. census in Tipton Co., Tennessee and in 1880 they appear in Greene Co., Arkansas.

It appears that Hiram Barnett may have died sometime between 1860 and 1870, probably in West Tennessee and his family went on to settle across the Mississippi River in Greene Co., Arkansas.

Ida Leah Barnett

Ida Leah Barnett, daughter of George Franklin Barnett and Florence Arzella Crouch, was born 28 Mar 1875 in Parker County, Texas, died 30 Jul 1954, at age 79, in Weatherford, Parker, Texas and was buried in Oakland Cemetery in Weatherford. Ida married 31 Mar 1898 in Parker County, Dr. William Murphy Campbell. They were the parents of one daughter: Ilona Adelia Campbell.

Research in online sources to date:

Census search – Ida and her husband William M. Campbell were found in the 1900, 1910, 1920, & 1930 U.S. census records. The consistently lived in Parker Co., Texas and William’s occupation was as physician. Ida would have been about 5 years old in the 1880 U.S. census, but her family was not found in that census.

Marriage record – The Texas Marriages, 1837-1973 at FamilySearch has an entry for the marriage of W.M. Campbell and Iva Leigh Barnett who were married 31 Mar 1898 in Parker Co., Texas.

Death – Texas death certificates were found for both Ida (Barnett) Campbell and for William M. Campbell at the FamilySearch website.

Cemetery – Memorials for Ida Leah (Barnett) Campbell and William Murphy Campbell were found at the Find a Grave website.