Three Generations

Charlotte M. Barnett (left) about 1933
Charlotte M. Barnett (left) about 1933

This picture of Charlotte Marzelle Barnett (left) was taken about 1933. She is accompanied by her mother, Verda Mae (Baker) Barnett,  and her daughter, Charlotte Marzelle Storti.


Lillian Barnett

There are a couple of interesting stories about Lillian Barnett. First, Lillian was married to Lon Baker, one of the brothers of my great grandmother, Verda M. Baker. Verda was married to Lillian’s brother Charles W. Barnett. It sometimes is, truly, a small world.

The second story is very sad. Lillian died very shortly after giving birth to her only child, D.L. Baker, at the young age of 21 years. According to my aunt, Lillian had a very difficult delivery and things did not go well for her or for the baby. While the doctor worked, unsuccessfully, to save Lillian, her mother-in-law, Rhoda Baker, worked with the apparently lifeless baby. She dipped him alternately in warm and cold water until he finally took his first breath. The baby was saved, but the young mother died. Rhoda went on to help raise this motherless grandson.