My name is Yvonne Curry. My grandmother was Charlotte Marzelle Barnett. I have been researching the Barnetts of Parker County, Texas since 1999. I see this blog as a way to organize and share some of the information I have acquired on this and other Barnett families. I welcome comments and I would love to have you share Barnett pictures and stories that you may have.


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  2. ken barnett says:

    I am wondering if the Barnetts’ that settled in Virginia and Florida are related to the Barnetts in this research?

    Thank you

  3. vycurry says:

    As far as I know the Barnetts of Parker County, Texas are not related to those who settled in Virginia and Florida. James M. Barnett was born in Hardeman County, Tennessee. His father, James J. Barnett, was born in Caldwell County, Kentucky, and his father, Samuel Barnett, was reportedly born in South Carolina. My research has not yet reached back that far, but I have not yet found any reference to Virginia or Florida. Good luck in the hunt for your family.

  4. Kate Ruckman says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    I was excited to find your website with information about the Barnett family of Parker County, Texas. I am the granddaughter of LaVerne Barnett Hill (daughter of George Johnson Barnett). I have information about our branch of the family which I would be happy to share. I’ve also entered quite a bit in the “Find A Grave” website. You can see my “virtual cemetery” for the Barnetts, McNutts, and extended families (George married Lee Myrtle McNutt) at: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=vcsr&GSvcid=62353. Look forward to hearing from you at my email address (above).
    Kate Ruckman

  5. Jim Howard says:

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  6. Kirt William Barnett says:

    I am a direct descendent of M.W.Barnett. The father lineage I have is as follows (from me going backwards) Kirt William, William Dixon Jr., William Dixon, Paul Barthold, Matthew William, James Johnson, Samuel, James, John – all Barnetts. I have been researching my family for a while and would love to share information with you. I have many pictures of M.W.Barnett and his wife Sarah. I have a few pictures of a couple of his sisters. I have found the cemeteries where M.W. and Samuel are buried. I can also point you to the (still standing) cabin that M.W. Barnett lived in with his wife and children as well as the land where Ox Mill cemetery sits. Thank you for posting the Bible pages and other info you have published here. Please feel free to contact me to exchange information.

  7. Douglas Q. Barnett says:

    I know this is a long shot, but here goes. I have traced my lineage back to the Samuel and Matilda Barnett family of Fork Union, Virginia. They had 12 children, most of whom I’ve been
    able to trace, but a few have just vanished! Kaput! Gone child! However, I did pick up some scuttle-but that either Woodson or Samuel of the original family made their way to Texas, and eventually prospered. I’m wondering if you know of a Samuel or Woodson Barnett who wold have settled there around the turn of the century. 1900 or so. Thank you for responding.

  8. Kirt Barnett says:

    The only Samuel Barnett I know of was reportedly born in South Carolina 1784 and moved to Kentucky then to Tennesse and settled in Texas around 1849 Collin County

  9. Tracy Barnett says:

    I am the daughter of. William Dixion Barnett Jr.

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