James J. Barnett, b. 1812, Caldwell Co., Kentucky, d. 1880, Parker Co., Texas

James Johnson Barnett (Samuel 2, James 1) or “J.J. Barnett “was born on 16 May 1812 in Caldwell Co., Kentucky, died on 16 Sep 1880 in Hiner, Parker, Texas at age 68, and was buried in Ox Mill Cemetery in Parker County.[1]

In 1820 James was probably living in Caldwell Co., Kentucky with his father Samuel Barnett.[2] By 1830 the family had moved to Hardeman Co., Tennessee and James was probably one of the three males ages 15 – 19 listed in Samuel Barnett’s household.[3] James paid taxes in Hardeman Co., Tennessee beginning in 1834 and appeared in most years until 1850. He paid only a poll tax, suggesting that he had acquired no land.[4]

About 1849 James and his family moved to Freestone Co., Texas. In the 1850 census he was listed as head of household and a farmer in Limestone Co., Texas.[5] About 1857 J.J. Barnett and his family made their way to newly formed Parker Co., Texas which became their permanent home where they settled south of Weatherford in the Hiner area.  J.J. and his family appeared in Parker Co., Texas in the 1860 and 1870 census records.[6] They were not found in the 1880 census, but they were probably still in Parker County.

J.J. Barnett served in the CSA 9th Texas Field Battery during the Civil War. His unit served in the Trans-Mississippi West Theater of the war. They were involved in battles in Louisiana and along the Mississippi River. James’ service records show that he was hospitalized in Aug 1864 in the Shreveport, Louisiana hospital for a fever.[7] Later James encouraged settlement of the area and was known for helping newcomers with transportation and temporary housing. A family story recounts how James traveled to Eastern Tennessee after the war and organized and led local families to new opportunities in Texas. Some of those families became part of his family through the marriages of their children.[8]

James married Elizabeth Wylie (Willie), daughter of Matthew Wiley and Elizabeth Shields, on 27 Mar 1834 in Bolivar, Hardeman, Tennessee.[9] Elizabeth was born on 21 Apr 1813 in Kentucky, died on 9 Apr 1884 in Hiner, Parker, Texas at age 70, and was buried in Ox Mill Cemetery in Parker Co., Texas.[10]

James J. and Elizabeth (Wylie) Barnett were the parents of six children:

  1. John N. Barnett, b. 1836, d. 1927
  2. Sarah Jane Barnett, b. 1839, d. about 1869
  3. George Franklin Barnett, b. 1842, c. 1915
  4. James Madison Barnett, b. 1844, d. 1931
  5. Matilda Ann Barnett, b. 1847, d. 1872
  6. Matthew William Barnett, b. 1850, d. 1930

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