James Barnett Will

James Barnett died 1816-1817 in Caldwell Co., Kentucky. Here is my transcription of his will:

This is my Last will and testament now this 19th day of February 1816 I give unto my sons ____ Samuel Barnet and James Barnett and John Barnet all my tract of land wherein I now live to be divided into three Equal parts between them I give unto my son John Barnet one gray horse one gray horse that he now calls hisen and one fether Bed. I give unto my daughter – Sophia Barnet all the house hold furniture But to be Kept together while they keep house together likewise I my daughter one horse Bridle and saddle likewise all the flock of geese I give unto my grandson Isaac Barnet one white faced Cow and her Increase. I give unto my son James Barnet one Bell cow and calf the other Black cow and calf and two heifers and one stear to be sold to pay him the Doctor fee if they sell for now then will pay him the balance to be divided Between John Barnet & Sophia Barnet and Isaac Barnet. my stock of hogs to be kept for the use of the family and if they should break up housekeeping then the stock of hogs to be divided Between my son John Barnet and my daughter sophia Barnet and Isaac Barnet I give unto my son John Barnet all my Carpenters tools and turning tools my crop of corn to keep for the use of the family my sadle to be sold for the use of the family Given under my hand and seal this 19th day of Febairy 1816
James Barnet (seal)
witnesses Nathan Oliver Hannah Oliver

Caldwell county [?] January county court 1817 as clerk of the county court of sd county I certify that the within will of James Barnet Decd was on this day produced in open court and proven to be the act and deed of sd Barnet by the oath of nathan Oliver & Hannah Oliver two subscribing witnesses there to and the same was requested to be recorded In testimony thereby I have recorded the same together with this certificate I hereunto set my hand this 27 day of January 1817.
Jno H Phelps


2 comments on “James Barnett Will

  1. John R. Lopnow says:

    Thank you for posting this! James Barnett’s daughter, Sophia married Levin Oliver and is my ancestor so I was thrilled to see this!

  2. John R. Lopnow says:

    I forgot to add that the witnesses to the will were the father and mother in law to James’ daughter Sophia. They were Nathan Oliver and Hannah Gray Oliver.

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