Barnett DNA Project

I just added a link to the Barnett DNA Project organized by Mic Barnette. Barnett researchers should definitely check this site out!


3 comments on “Barnett DNA Project

  1. Deanne Buffum (Barnett) says:

    I would like to more to know more about this how can a get information on how to do this? Please contact me. At my information below to see what I can do.
    Thank you
    Deanne Barnett( Buffum)

  2. Greetings fellow Barnetts!
    Does anyone out there have any idea of the entry ancestor for James Barnett born ca 1749
    in Pennsylvania? He married Sarah Guthrie. He fought in the War of 1812. Maybe HE was the entry ancestor.
    A whole group of Irish, Scots, Scots-Irish emigrated to PA in the late 1700s. Names in my line are Barnett, Garrett, Patton, McCall, McNeil, Sharpe… They seem to have shared a common culture.
    In 1922 there was a Barnett-Patton Reunion in Ohio and a cousin just sent me a notebook taken at it. Hugh Patton, from Ireland, married Eliza Hanna, and they had 11 children, so there have to be lots of you out there.
    Thank you for any information you can share with me.
    Wing Sigler (Barnett)

  3. Whoops! Have to correct yesterday’s posting. James Barnett was born 1n 1794, NOT 1749.
    This puts him in the same time period as Andrew Garret, who came from Ireland in 1784.

    Wing Sigler (Barnett

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