Parker County, Texas Birth Index

The following Barnetts were found in the Parker County, Texas Birth Index: 

Barnett, not given James Barnett F W 15 May 1903 1, p. 3
Barnett, Myrtle Geo. Barnett/Myrtle F W 26 Sep 1906 1, p. 128
Barnett, not given Jno. Barnett/Bell F W 10 Mar 1905 1, p. 169
Barnett, Willie Christian John Barnett/Josie F W 7 May 1905 1, p. 183
Barnett, not given John Barnett F W 2 Aug 1906 1, p. 287
Barnett, not given G.A. Barnett/Minnie F W 31 May 1907 2, p. 63
Barnett, not given J.F. Barnett F W 21 Oct 1907 2, p. 92
Barnett, not given Thos. Barnett F W 18 Dec 1907 2, p. 104
Barnett, not given Geo. Barnett/Myrtle F W 12 Oct 1908 2, p. 162
Barnett, not given Geo. Barnett/Myrtle McNut F W 24 Apr 1911 4, p. 76
Barnett, not given
  1. Barnett/May Clayton
M W 23 Sep 1912 4, p. 299
Barnett, not given Chas. Barnett/– Baker F W 24 Dec 1912 5, p. 2
Barnett, not given Frank Barnett/– Carr M W 26 Nov 1914 5, p. 337
Barnett, Groms Foster Yewin Foster Barnett/Grace Truman M W 5 Sep 1918 7A, p. 15

2 comments on “Parker County, Texas Birth Index

  1. Colleen Clark Carri says:

    Correction for the following:
    g) Lula Barnett, b. 17 Oct 1873 in Parker Co., Texas, d. 7 May 1934 in Parker Co., Cemetery and was buried in Ox Mill Cemetery, m. 28 Dec 1903 in Brazos, Palo Pinto, Texas, Gus A. Roberson, one child

    Lula and Gus Roberson were my great-grandparents and I remember them well.
    They did have one surviving child to adulthood, my grandmother – Ada Bell Roberson Coomer. For the last 40 years of their lives, they lived with my grandparents, thus I knew they as child in the 50’s.

    Lula died November 14, 1960 in Salem, Indiana and is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.
    Gus died May 6, 1962 – same place and buried same cemetery.

    -Colleen Clark Carri
    Descendant of Barnett/Coomer/Roberson/Loyd/Dyer/Clark

  2. vycurry says:

    Thank you for the clarification.

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