Digital Collection at Plano Library

I am including a link to the genealogy and local history collection at the Plano Public Library. Their collection includes a photo of Letitia (Forman) Barnett. She was the wife of George W. Barnett (1819-1882). There was also a picture of the Forman home.

The collection also includes a picture of the R.W. Carpenter home, father-in-law of Ruth Donna Barnett, and the diary of Lizzie (Matthews) Carpenter.


2 comments on “Digital Collection at Plano Library

  1. Jean Barnett says:

    When I clicked on the hyperlink provided, This is what came up: “We’re sorry, but there is not a web page matching your entry.

    You entered:“.

    My husband, who died 12/30/1997, was Earl Robert Barnett, Jr. He had a cousin named Milo, who lived in Woodward, and a cousin whose name I can’t think of now who live(s)(d) in Plano, TX. His wife’s name is Doris. My husband’s paternal grandfather was Asbury Barnett. He,his wife and a child who died in infancy are buried in Rock Church Cemetery in Woodward, OK. There is a town history book at the Pioneer Museum in Woodward, in which I found quite a bit of info on those Barnetts. I can’t tell if they’re related to your branch, but thought you might use the info. My husband’s parents migrated to California & ended up living in Springville, CA. They had 7 children, some of whom still live in the area. My husband moved to Seattle, WA, where we were married, and where he died.

  2. vycurry says:

    I fixed the link on 5 Oct 2017; it now appears to work. Thanks for pointing that out.

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