Holly Springs, Mississippi

During a recent research session I noticed that Evaline Barnett married Benjamin H. Moss in 1849 in Holly Springs, Marshall Co., Mississippi. This raised questions: What was she doing in Mississippi? Was this the right person? Could this be a mistake?

Later I was at the BYU Family History Archive site. As I searched for Barnetts I found they had many Texas histories online, so I searched them for Barnetts. I found a great biographical sketch for William Y. Barnett. William was the son of George W. Barnett and grandson of Samuel Barnett. The sketch gave some information on George W. Barnett as an early settler of Collin Co., Texas. The bio stated that George’s family left Kentucky when he was three years old and settled in Mississippi; he grew up in Holly Springs, Mississippi. A search of U.S. census records found Samuel Barnett and his son, Hiram, in Marshall Co., Mississippi in the 1840 census.

One correction should be noted, the family may have left Kentucky in the early 1820s, but they apparently did not go straight to Mississippi. In the 1830 census, Samuel Barnett was listed in Hardeman Co., Tennessee and he paid taxes in that county between 1823 and 1833. The Chickasaw Indians ceded their lands to the U.S. in 1832 and Holly Springs was founded in 1835. This also seems to confirm that Samuel Barnett moved his family there in the early 1830s.


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